Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Second Coming

These are photos of a painting that will most likely never be. As a child I was raised in a cult, and even carried those beliefs into my adult years. Close to the end, as my faith began to unravel, I had this amazing inspiration, to paint the second coming. I broke down and cried, imagining how amazing this piece would be. I still have the napkin I drew the sketch on. 
In July and August of 2012, everything broke for me, and I hit a state of depression, realizing that everything I ever believed was a lie. My heart was heavy, and a dark cloud of misery hung over me. Yes, I know, people have struggles in life all the time. However, this was my belief in what happens beyond the curtain of time. 
I had already begun painting this piece in 2012, and some time in 2013, I moved on from it. I kept believing that someday, I would revert back, and have another walk with the Savior.
I’ve struggled with this piece. For 3 years it has sat untouched, and as the months go by, I am further away than ever before. A dear friend of mine told me, “I think you still believe deep down, I just think you’re bitter.” While I can believe some of that, even if I were to do this painting, I’d have to start over.
In the last three years, my style of painting has changed so much, that it would look awkward and out of place. So here it is ... the unfinished painting of the Second Coming of Jesus.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Concept pieces incomplete

A concept piece I was working on, but it just wasn't coming together for me. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Completed Commission

This piece is pretty large, 6 feet by 4 feet. Shipping it off to the owner on Friday. It's all acrylic and 24k gold paint.