Friday, May 21, 2010

Victoria Falls

Here's a photo that I had to digitally remove the people in it. The photo is from Victoria Falls in Africa at a place called, 'The Devil's Pool'. Basically, once a year, the flow of the falls in this particular area is at a safe level, and people can swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls within the pool area without continuing over the edge and falling into the gorge; this is possible due to a natural rock wall just below the water and at the very edge of the falls that stops their progress despite the current.

The project was to take these smiling people and remove them from the photo with no added enhancements (i.e. sharpening the image, changing the scenery, altering the lighting, blah, blah, blah). All I had to do was remove the people. In Photoshop CS4, if you hit the 'S' key, you can paint over an area using a portion of the photograph. I just used the option key on the MAC - alt on the PC - and pasted over them with water from a different section of the photo.